Thursday, August 24, 2006

Back in April I wrote about a friend I was trying to locate. Melanie Julsonnet. No luck. Another friend of Mel's, Lisa, found my blog because she is trying to locate her, too. So far, no go. In my internet search, I was able to find out her married name, Canaday, and her middle name, Rae. I think. Anyway, if anyone knows how to locate Melanie Rae Julsonnet Canaday, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


dink said...
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dink said...

Sorry that deleted post was mine --too many typos. geeeez

Trying again:

Hi Chris,
I couldn't find an email address for you here--it's possible that others (along with me) are a little hesitant to contact you about this in a place so public.

Have you noticed in your online search that there is one particular person who is doing genealogy work on the surname Julsonnet? This person might be someone to contact (especially since it seems like this surname may be quite rare).

Also did you come across the 3rd person who is specifically seeking "Melanie Julsonnet" online? It's not Lisa. If you don't already have that info., email me and I'll direct you to it (my email is in my blogger profile).

Anyway, those are my suggestions. Good Luck!

KMH said...

Hi Christopher!

I know Melanie Julsonnet. I've been very good friends with her since Jr. High.

I have talked with her recently and told her that a person by the name of Christopher Stires has been trying to locate her. She was extremely surprised and thrilled to know this.

(Just so you don't think I'm crazy... here's a little bit of proof that I know her. She told me you were her boss at Texas Lucy's in Norco several years back) :)

You can email me at

I will give you more info at that time.



lou said...

Not sure if this is the same Melanie Julsonnet now Kidwell but she can be found under