Monday, August 28, 2006

I took a week off and this is what I did:

I drove out to Las Vegas to see relatives that I owed a way-overdo visit to. While there, my cousin Herb took me on a tour of the Strip. We checked out the new Wynn. Personally I wasn't impressed. I did discover that the Wynn is the only hotel-casino on the Strip that has a golf course. You have to be a hotel guest to play it and it only cost $500 a game. I was glad I never learned how to play.

Had a nice visit with my Uncle Bill and Cousin Scott. That night Herb and I went to see Snakes on a Plane. My review of it will be in my next column on Dred. Don't expect to see it nominated for any Oscars. Might get a couple of Razzies however.

My relatives don't gamble. So I didn't. On my way back home however I stopped at the Prima Donna at Stateline for a couple hours. The blackjack tables were either too crowded or too expensive for me. I played video poker instead. I left with $300 more than I came with. Can't complain about that.

In Victorville, I stopped for lunch at The Original Roadhouse Grill where I used to work. Saw a lot of familiar and friendly faces. Had a ribeye steak dinner. The GM bought the meal for me. $300 and a free steak dinner. No complaints for me.

The rest of the week I visited other friends, attended a screenplay writing class that one of them teaches, spent one day at San Onofre State Beach (went there because I'd never been before), started Lee Child's Jack Reacher thriller Persuader, joined and worked out at LA Fitness, took my mother to her followup doctor's visit, caught up on some yardwork, got a Swedish massage, did a car repair I'd been putting off, and slept late. Also I got an idea for a new Crusader story but haven't started it yet. Okay, I didn't tackle the garage. It was at the top of the list but I couldn't do it. Not too bad for a week off.

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