Saturday, August 26, 2006

(it's my last day of vacation)

I try to read and watch the news as much as I can to keep up on what’s happening. I listen to news radio more often because of the driving I do. But I’m tired of hearing about certain personalities and stories. In fact if I never heard another story about the following personalities I’d be eternally grateful.

Tom Cruise or Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes or TomKat (Cruise has made a couple of pretty good movies. I still remember the debate female friends had whether Cruise or Val Kilmer was cooler in Top Gun. But his movies are getting worse and worse and I really don’t care about his dingbat personal life at all.)

Paris Hilton (I never want to hear anything about this non-celebrity ever again. Why is she famous? Because she’s the heir to a hotel dynasty and barely registers on the IQ scale. My gosh, Playboy even did a spread on a Paris look-a-like. Why?)

Nicole Richie (Friend of Paris and heir to a music dynasty. Big deal.)

Lindsay Lohan (No more ever! I don’t care who she’s feuding with or her bad behavior on a movie set. Don’t clutter my brain with her antics.)

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt (A few good movies but I don’t care that they’re dating each or cheating on each other or whatever. Go make a decent film.)

Jessica Simpson (Another … okay, I don’t what she is. Whatever she is I don’t care.)

Mel Gibson (Used to make good movies. Maybe he and Cruise should see the same therapist. Or something. But quit telling me about it. And, yes, he said a bunch of racial slurs –he’s a jerk—but, dammit, first and foremost, he was driving drunk. He could have killed people.)

American Idol and Big Brother (Don’t care who got booted. Really don’t care.)

Scientology. (Cult for rich, bubble-not-on-center celebrities created by a cut-rate sci-fi writer. Don’t care. If rich folk want to join, it’s a free country. Just don’t tell me about it.)

Steroids (Really? Some athletes might taking strength-enhancing drugs? Tell me it ain’t so. Yeah, wake up and smell the coffee.)

My tirade is done. The soapbox is free for someone else.

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