Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A virus that destroys computer files such as docs is set to activate this Friday. The countries that are the most vulnerable are India, Peru, Turkey, and Italy. But who knows? Be sure your anti-virus systems are working. Hello, Norton, scan me again. For more information go to the MSNBC news-site:
That means a buncha people are getting the latest edition of the Newsletter from Christopher Stires. If you'd like to receive updates on my writing career, just put your email address in the comments section. Besides my latest short story and novel sales -- you'll find links to purchase my novels, what I'm currently trying to sell, what I'm reading and watching and my opinion of the book or movie, links to some terrific magazine and genre web-sites, and dialogue quotes from movies I've seen during the month. Fun stuff. I hope.
How long will you receive the newsletter if you subscribe? Until you write me and scream, "I can't take it anymore! Stop! In the name of Heaven, please stop!" Obtaining a restraining order has worked well in the past also. But I will ask that you not send over your out-of-work cousin who's into Ultimate Fighting to see me. I can't get the bum off the sofa and he keeps eating all the good stuff in the refrigerator.
I've also come to the realization that I have a masochist side. Why else would I make this offer and be prepared to watch the Comment Counter remain at "0"?
(The warning sign is for both entries.)


Armand said...


I can't get enough of your mailing list e-mails and your blog... just keep mentioning me, though, ok?

I enjoy the ego-feeding of reading my name in print...

Armand Rosamilia
Carnifex Press

Christopher55 said...

I'm glad you're having fun with it 'cuz, buddy, I think we're gonna be working together for the long haul.

I'm having fun, too. Heck, I'm having a ball.

Armand said...

Hey, no time for posting posts on posting boards about previous posts... shouldn't you be getting thoughts together for your next Carnifex Press novella release?


Christopher55 said...

Hangs head. Scuffs shoes against floor. Rocks shoulders back and forth. Has been properly chastised.

(When was the last time you saw that word … snicker … snicker…)

Terry said...

Thanks for warning me about the black worm virus. I hadn't heard.