Thursday, February 09, 2006


Up at 4am. On the freeway at 4:45am. Traffic jam after going a half mile. Arrive at work at 5:15am. Clock in at 5:30am. Do the job. Clock out at 2pm. Just another regular day.

Cross the parking lot to the H & R Block office for my appointment.

Yep, tax time. Federal and state. W-2s and other stuff. Tax advisor person. Me. There I was with all my paperwork in neat little piles. I hand it to the advisor as she asks for it. Not fun. Forgot two docs in the car. Out to the parking lot and back. Thinking about all the things I’d rather to doing. Like just about anything.


She looks at one sheet of paper. Punches a couple of buttons. Writes SCREENWRITER in a box.

Slowly a smile creeps onto my face. And stays firmly planted there.

Damn, it’s a good day.

I arrive at the house. Change out of work clothes. Check snail mail and turn on computer to check email. Look at a couple of blogs and writing sites before starting to cook dinner.

A giant cherry is added to my sundae. I may not lose the smile until I fall asleep.

Jason Sizemore is a horror writer. He is the publisher and managing editor of Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest. He is also an all-around nice guy. His blog is called
A Writer’s Vanity This is what I read on his blog today:
“Anyone familiar with this blog will know that I have a writer’s Hall of Fame.
Let’s see, the weird Kiwi Bryn Sparks. There’s sister Jennifer Pelland. Funny-man who writes depressing stories, Daliso Chaponda. Romance writer who churns out dark science fiction, Christine Murphy. I’d list Lavie Tidhar and Chris Stires on here, but they’re actively crossing the threshold from ‘unrecognized superstar’ to ‘booming bigshot.’”
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, it's a damn good day.

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