Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rebel Nation, is now available:

As a political assassination tears
the Confederate States of America apart,
a U.S. reporter and her Southern-born ex-husband
race through the madness
to uncover secrets, betrayals, and murders
that stretch back decades.
Because if you're powerful enough,
even history can be rewritten.

The Alternate-History Thriller by Christopher Stires

“A chilling alternate history suspense novel …
Stires builds a memorable cast of characters that rivals the best of Turtledove.” – Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest
"... a novel heavy in alternate reality and rich in character...
you forget at parts that this is not a history book or based on real events." -- EpicSFF
"... a twisting, intriguing and downright solid story that shouldn't be passed over." -- The Romance Studio
"This is an intriguing novel ... fast paced .. a lot going on .... I like the twists both in the plot and in the world." -- The Eternal Night (UK)

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