Sunday, February 26, 2006


A section in the entry below has been deleted. I read an article about an author and I was irritated by her comments. Decided to write an entry and voice my harsh opinion on it.

In hindsight, what did I prove? Nothing. Nothing at all. What did she do to me? Not a thing. Has she altered my world or view of it? Nope. The entry said more about me and how petty and nasty I can be at times than it ever did about her. I’m ashamed of myself. Shouldn’t have done it. Most people have good and bad sides. Most people say things that they wish they could take back later. Some people can delete them from their blog when they realize this. Yes, there are a few people I know and dislike and a couple I actually hate. I don't like giving people that power over me however.

I won’t go into politics or criminals or fanatics. That is something different than I’m discussing here. And, oh yeah, I have my opinions on those topics. A couple are cast in stone.

I’m talking about here is trying to be the best person I can and I failed a little yesterday. Okay, I’m coming out of the corner; my time-out is done.

I will try in the future to do better. I will try in the future to do better. I will try …

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dink said...

I think you're being hard on yourself --but I like that it matters to you. :-)

BUT you're hardly the only one that had that reaction to that interview see Miss Snark's blog here:

I've only read one her books (about Frida Kahlo) and I was impressed.

I think what she says about herself might be accurate but her need to spout it everywhere is just off putting.