Monday, January 30, 2006


Dink ( ) threw down the following challenge on her blog. It has something to do with being tagged with a "meme." Not quite sure what that is. Or in a more articulate vein: Huh? Anyway, Dink, I thought it would be fun (and possibly a learning experience for me) to look at my own writing. So below are the Ten Signs a Piece of Fiction was written (and/or mangled) by me.

1. The story can be set in the past, the present, the future, or occasionally in a time that never existed.

2. The main female and male characters have an established relationship going on when the story begins (I rarely use the "meet cute" scenario).

3. The main character will have something absolutely terrible happen to them physically during the story.

4. The villain truly believes their goal is righteous and will never be redeemed or turned, only overcome.

5. A very likeable character will be destroyed by the villain.

6. Someone will get naked.

7. The adventure the main characters are on will test to the max their moral fiber and beliefs.

8. There will be an attempt to get "inside" the characters' heads even if the tale is written in third person.

9. Never tell the story in second person.

10. Attempt will be made not to use movies or other novels to reveal character. (Attempt usually fails.)

That was interesting. Now I need to get back to writing on the new screenplay. I need to kill someone and maim someone else while all are naked and watching a movie. That could work.

(What does the picture up top have to do with all this you ask? Nothing. I just liked it)


dink said...

Yeah, I thought this was a very interesting exercise. I was surprised by some of my own answers.

Comments on your response to the meme

2. That's interesting.

5. sniffle

6. Going by earlier blog entries
;-) this seems a given.

9. Oy! (such a bizarre POV)

10. yeah, that can be a challenge

In other news: What Maverick do you wish you were --Bret or Bart?
It just COULDN'T be Beauregard (shudder) or (gag) Brent.


Christopher55 said...

Bret. That way when I grow up I can become Rockford. :)

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Christopher55 said...

Sorry, Sarah. Your links keep coming up "Not Found."

Christopher55 said...

You're not spamming, are you?