Sunday, January 08, 2006


My novella, Starbeast, has been accepted by Armand Rosamilia at Carnifex Press. I am thrilled.

A novella, by the way, is either a really long short story or a very short novel.

Starbeast (a title that will be changed before publication) is a tale that combines my two favorite genres -- science-fiction horror and the western. Alien meets Lonesome Dove. An alien spacecraft crash lands in the high country of Wyoming in 1895. The only survivors of the crash are the pilot's predator pets. The beasts establish their hunting ground and, when they start devouring cattle from the local ranch, a group of cowhands with an old Army scout go after the creatures. This story was really fun to write and I truly enjoyed being in the company of the story's characters -- Hugh Preston, Laci McCulloh, Reno Gallen, Willard Eberhart, Henry Pratt, and others.

I hope that when it's published readers will enjoy it too.

As a kid, I dreamed of being a writer when I grew up. And I am. Lightning has struck again to prove it.

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dink said...

Wow're definitely on a roll!

I'm having a
"Congratulations, Christopher!" stamp made.

Be sure to enjoy it all.