Sunday, January 01, 2006

My Stuff

My alternate history thriller, Rebel Nation, was released by Zumaya Publications and received some terrific reviews. I did three book-signings for it. (The library signing/talk had two people in attendance -- thanks again Jenny and Kent, I would've been very lonely without you.)

Two screenplays that were co-written with Mark Sevi, The Nest, and, Darkfall, were optioned by movie producers. Actually received money for one.

Two stories, "Human Resources" and "New World, Old World" appeared in a terrific new magazine, Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest. "Blood Alley" was reprinted in the Monster's Ink anthology. "The Covenant" (my first Crusader tale) was reprinted in Flashing Swords. My flash story, "Before Me," appeared on the webzine

My nonfiction article on fictional bad guys and gals, "Villains," appeared on SFReader. Received trade paperback copy of Tales from the Asylum: Year Two -- which contains my nonfiction article "The Top Ten Movies in Outer Space."

My fourth Crusader tale, “The Beast of Lyoness,” was sold to the Clash of Swords #3: Demons anthology. My flash piece, “Love Letter,” was accepted by the new web-zine Devil’s Work. The French magazine Borderline accepted “Black Moon Night” and the new editor of Finland's Spin reaccepted "The Killing Moon." The editor of the French magazine Phenix confirmed that he still wants to print “The Hunters” but he is having publishing issues.

I did interviews with EpicSFF and SpecFicWorld.

Under my pseudonym, A.M. Norman, my erotic tale, "The Gardener," appeared in Midnight Showcase: Erotic-ahh Digest. Justus Roux’s Erotic Tales accepted my short story, “The Ice Queen.”

Currently I have eight stories and reprints in the pipeline and one novella.

I wrote another screenplay with Mark Sevi, a supernatural horror tale, called Deadlyville. I also penned a screenplay on my own, an updated version of Poe’s “The Masque of the Read Death” called Chill. Poe probably wouldn’t be happy with me.

And, last but not least, I started this blog.

Happy New Year to all.
The joker up top, attempting to look cool, is me.

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