Friday, January 13, 2006


First, my novella, Starbeast, finally has a new title. It will be called To the Mountain of the Beast.

Now to the other matter. I sent out 16 email requests to editors and writers to read my novella and give quotes or blurbs that could be used for the cover and/or promotional materials. If they liked it, of course.

As of this evening, I have received 13 responses. Not too shabby.

My friends Wendy, Raymond, and Mark—all writers, and all teachers now that I think of it—said yes. Thank you, folks, I really appreciate it.

Six other editors and writers said yes, too. Cool. Thank you very much.

Three writers passed. Two stated they were too busy. The other, well, he passed let us say. He was very polite and cordial in his letter. Wished me good luck. Enough said.

One came back as undeliverable. I don’t know whether his email address changed or AOL just doesn’t like stuff sent from MSN. I’ve had several emails bounce back from friends that have AOL accounts so I don’t know.

The last three have not yet responded. We’ll see if anything happens with them.

I’m very fortunate. I do appreciate the time all these individuals are taking to help a struggling writer. If I wore a hat, I’d tip it to you all.

I’ll report any further developments if they occur.
(About the picture up top, that’s me sailing toward the hurricane. I mean, what if these nice people read my novella and hate it. Okay, now I’m being insecure. Yeah. Okay. I’m a writer and my imagination spins scenarios whether I want it to or not. I’m done now. For the moment.)

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