Thursday, March 01, 2007

M.D. Benoit

Metered Space is a fast-paced novel that is a hybrid of private detective noir and funky alien sci-fi.

Jack Meter is our hero. He’s a private investigator or, more correctly as the story begins, he used to be. Two years before, Jack’s physicist girlfriend Annie was killed in a mysterious lab explosion at her high-security government facility. As Jack puts it, “The night Annie died I lost it … spent six months in a pysch ward … Screaming. Totally nuts. When I clamed down enough, they released me … Wandered for a while … I don’t remember much of those days. Except that, anywhere I went, she was still dead.” Jack’s plan is to use the bottle to keep himself numb until he steps permanently into the abyss.


Jack wakes one day to find himself on an alien planet. The Thrittene have transported him there and repaired the damage he’d done to his body. They want to “hire” him to find a stolen transporter. Jack is forced to accept. Soon he finds himself on other alien planets and discovers that the missing transporter could destroy the universe. He also learns that Annie had traveled to these same worlds before her death and the theft of the transporter may involve people he knows back on Earth.

M.D. Benoit has a light touch and keeps the story moving at a brisk piece. For those who like mysteries and science fiction this first novel is a very enjoyable read by an up-and-coming writer.

The novel is available through Zumaya Publications and Amazon.

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