Monday, March 26, 2007

I write a movie review column for Dred ( The films I review are horror and suspense. The column needs to be to Editor Bill Hughes by this weekend. In each column I review three films. Okay, I've had three months to do this but, so far, I only have one film done. Why you ask. It's not that I haven't been watching any movies because I have. Let's see: Saw III, Stay Alive, Feast, Rest Stop, 24 (Season 5), and Salvage to name a few.
My problem lies in that I don't "love" or "hate" any of the movies I've seen lately. In past columns, I've written about The Descent, A History of Violence, and Red Eye. All of which I recommend. I've written about The Hills Have Eyes, Wolf Creek, and House of Wax (the Paris Hilton version). All of which sucked. Big time.
What to do ... what to do? I don't think a review of Wild Hogs would fit the theme of the magazine (althought William C. Macy's naked butt is pretty scary.) Well, tomorrow, Children of Men and Turistas are being released on DVD. Blockbuster, here I come.


dragonkat said...


Sorry to bug you on your blog, but I'm hoping you'll contact me regarding reprinting a story of yours in our ASIM Best Of anthology. Please email dragonkat at andromedaspaceways dot com so I can provide details.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

So . . . . how'd the reviews go, Chris?

Christopher55 said...

Hi Howard:

Got them done. Really pushed the deadline this time.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Good to hear. Sometimes that extra pressure is just what's needed. Then there are those times it really ain't. I hope this wasn't one of the later.
Have as happy an Easter as possible.