Sunday, March 11, 2007


It is said that the beginning of a screenplay sells the script but the ending sells the movie I’m working on a new script with my screenplay partner. It’s a thriller with a mystery. I think we’ve got a pretty good opening gambit. Here’s the tough part (okay they’re all tough) – a logical but surprising ending. I’ve been looking at several movies lately (it’s easier than writing). A lot of movies have solid conclusions (Chinatown, The Quiet Man, The Wild Bunch, Batman Begins) but some have an extra kick at the end that makes them more than memorable. The ending of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest has a kick that most of the movie is missing. Anyway, here’s my list of great movie endings.

Cool Hand Luke
Field of Dreams
The Godfather
Planet of the Apes
(the original movie)
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Sixth Sense
Some Like It Hot
Soylent Green

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