Thursday, December 07, 2006

From Yahoo: The 2006 winner for the most downloaded personality in their search enigine is: Britney Spears. Okay, I'm becoming an old fart. I use Google quite a bit. The other day I was searching for articles on the constellations and pictures of lumps of coal (sidebar: I have no idea where the Christmas stocking and lump of coal in the blog below disappeared to). If I was going to look up movie stars or "personalities" it sure wouldn't be Spears or Hilton or Lohan. If I never heard another thing about these women, it would be just fine with me. I'm irritated that I know who they are and what their latest exploits are. I couldn't even get myself to download a photo of her to put at the top of this blog. One last thing and I'm gone ... is "look up" a phrase I should be using when talking about Spears?

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D. said...

hahahahhahahaha I hear ya.

I don't even watch TV (although one is ON in another room) or listen to the radio and I know way WAY too much about Britney Spears and those other chicks. It seeps in. bleh.

Blogger Beta insists on calling me "D" which irks me. ha.

But I'm really still,