Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm surfing the net. Checked out some movie reviews, saw what Dink and Howard are writing about on their blogs, played a little computer Texas Hold 'em, then cruised over to the Amazon site. I was checking out the new Crichton. I don't know why because I've never read any Crichton novels but I was. Then I checked my own name. For Rebel Nation I noted that it was listed as Top Seller #1,149,514. I have no idea what that means. None whatsoever.
I just started reading M.D. Benoit's novel Metered Space. Pretty cool and trippy opening. A private detective, Jack Meter, is on a major bender after the death of his beloved Annie. Some aliens (yeah, aliens) beam him up and dry him out. They need his detective expertise. I think this is one novel I'll finish. Now, if I can just find some time to read. But that's another story. A long boring story.

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dink said...

I'm pretty sure that number is your book's ranking as far as amazon sales go. The book that sells the most from the amazon site is #1, yours is #1,149,514 --doesn't tell you a thing really without knowing how many books are sold on amazon ...and of course the numbers change daily.

Best of luck finding time to read--it's important.