Monday, October 23, 2006

Mystery author M.D. Benoit (Metered Space and Meter Made) is posting photos of the writing workspaces of other Zumaya authors on her blog Life's Weirder than Fiction ( It's a pretty cool idea and I'm enjoying seeing where other writers work. Well, I am a bit jealous of thriller writer Cheryl (Death Game) Swanson's location. {Let's see here ... mind wandering ... storyline -- our heroine posts pictures of her home and friends and family on her blog and a pyscho gets jealous and ...} Anyway, I took pictures of my workspace desk and every photo came out looking like a write in the dark. Hey, I heard that. Yeah, some of my critics would say I do write in the dark. I'm still going to take some more photos and see if they turn out. In the meantime, check out Dom's blog then go to Zumaya Publications ( and order some books. Good stuff, folks, and the Holiday Season is coming faster than you think.
Photo above: Sam Clemens was one of the first authors to use a typewriter. I wonder what he could've done with a P.C.


dink said...

Yeah it is fun to see where writer's work --although the thought of anyone seeing my space at the moment gives me the shudders.

Mark Twain's favorite work place was in bed (with cigar!)

Hope you can get the photos to turn out.

M. D. Benoit said...

Hey, Chris,

I'll be waiting for your workspace pictures!


Howard von Darkmoor said...

Now those are quite a range of surroundings! Did you follow her link from her own work space picture to the page of other pictures? I might try to do this too . . .

Cheryl Swanson, Death Game said...

To continue the storyline: ...our "heroine" is really a cross=dressing alcoholic who is hiding out in a trailor in Santa Cruz after beating an old couple to death with a surfboard.

Back at ya' Chris,