Friday, October 06, 2006

There are a 1001 things I should be doing. Instead I'm looking at some stats on the blog site-meter. Some folks find their way to this blog via Google (should the registered trademark symbol go here?). Anyway, I became curious to what they put in the search engine to end up here. Below are some answers:
*from London, England: Zodiac Killer (okay, I did a couple of blogs on unsolved murders)
*from Las Vegas NV: symbolism in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (it's hard to see the symbolism in a movie when you're watching it with your hands over your eyes)
*from Ogdensburg NY: canada murders severed body prostitute (the blog on unsolved murders again -- I hope)
*from Walsall, U.K.: "I want you to squeal like a pig" (line from the movie Deliverance that I've written about)
*from Camp Hill, Penn.: percy garris (the name of the Strother Martin character in one of my fav westerns Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid)
*from Oxford NC: chuck stires campaign slogan (not me and I have no idea what office he was running for but we are probably related somehow)
*from New York City: paddled tush (Huh? I have no idea how that lead to me -- I mean, once, a while back, in a different life ... uh, nevermind)
Interesting. Well, a little bit. All right, I probably won't do this again. Maybe.
((PS -- What does the picture of Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives have to do with this topic? Absolutely nothing. But now when someone types her name into the Google search engine -- guess who'll pop up? Hey, Google folks, check out the novel links on the right side of your screen. Really good stuff. )


dink said...

computer/blogging dunce here.

What's a blog-site meter? How do you get one?


Christopher55 said...

Go to Google. Type in "free site meter." You'll get several choices but the one I use is Site-Meter (it's at the bottom of the blog). You can spend money to have one monitor your blog but free works fine for me.

dink said...

THANKS, Chris!

Anonymous said...

The James K. from Eldorado is my father, and I appreciate it if you'd amend this entry to remove him. He doesn't need to be bothered by any internet creeps.

As for the harassment, it was (and is) very real. I have no more internet presence because of it, and I've spent nearly a year in legal wrangles with various bloggers over their defamatory mentions of me.

Christopher55 said...

Anon --

It's done.