Friday, October 13, 2006

I should be sleeping. Long day at work. Instead I'm surfing the net. I find myself checking out the list of the 100 Greatest American Movies at the AFI website. There are ten films that I've never seen (Lawrence of Arabia and Midnight Cowboy among them.) But there are also several movies on the list that I don't like. In order by AFI ranking:
Gone with the Wind (My mother's favorite movie of all time. I frankly don't give a damn who Scarlett ends up with or if she saves the plantation.)
2001: A Space Odyssey (Technically a marvel and HAL is a cool character but this is really a long and boring movie. Kubrick is one of the most over-rated directors ever.)
Raging Bull (Scorsese's movies are always memorable but I can't think of a single one that I'd want to see a second time. Haven't seen The Departed yet.)
Apocalypse Now ( Over-praised Vietnam b.s. like Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket)
The Godfather Part II (The first movie is great. Filled with memorable scenes and dialogue and characters. The second just re-tells the same story without the memorable scenes, dialogue, and characters. I know Michael has lost his soul.)
Doctor Zhivago (Long. Boring. Long. Let's see more snow. Yecch.)
A Streetcar Named Desire (Stella!!! Get me outta here.)
A Clockwork Orange (Yes, I felt sorry for the creep Alex at the end but this is Kubrick again. Technically a marvel but distant and cold like all his films.)
Taxi Driver (Intriguing storyline, great characters, solid directing. But this film makes me feel like I need a shower afterward. That was probably Scorsese's intent but still...)
Amadeus (Who cares?)
Easy Rider (Definitely a product of its time. Has not aged well.)
Pulp Fiction (Don't care for Tarentino's movies. This one is just too precious for its own good. Has memorable moments but ... come to think of it I'd watch this before I'd watch Jackie Brown again. Couldn't get through Kill Bill. Quentin is the most over-rated director today.)
I'm done now. Been grumpy lately. Can you tell?

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dink said...

Yeah. Well, I think it's always a matter of taste.

I get why Citizen Kane is a great movie and I love the camera work and lighting in it but I don't really enjoy watching it (the actress that plays the mistress makes me cringe).