Friday, September 01, 2006

I think I'm trying to kill myself off. I love spicy chicken wings -- both boned and boneless. The other day I had several. They were delicious. But. The big but. Woke up the next morning with nuclear heartburn. I swallowed several Rolaids and drank a half-gallon of milk. Not good. Is this one of the signs of getting older?
Then. I want to quit smoking. Been failing miserably. I bought a pack of herbal, nicotine-free cigarettes. Cost twice as much as regular buds. They are made with leaf of lotus, corn silk, and licorice root. I figured if I could wean myself off the nicotine, I could soon break the habit altogether. Smoking is the second stupidest thing I've ever done in my life. Anyway, I lit one of those herbal sticks up and inhaled. Thought I was gonna die right there, right then. Sucking on a car tailpipe would've been a smarter thing to do.
Okay. I'm done grousing. For the moment. Hey, if I smoke a spicy wing I'll ... never mind. Another lame idea in a long line of lame ideas.


dink said...

Smoking. Arg. Nothing but sympathy here. Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did --bar none. I failed for years. Finally had to be near-unconcious in the hospital for three days to pull it off --even with that it was so hard.
Don't give up. Keep trying. It's worth it.

Christopher55 said...

Yep. Hate the fact that the sticks seem to be in charge. :(

deb said...

I was searching for anyone who has been smoking nicotine free cigs. I have read some good research about Quest brand, but since they are actually tobacco they are heavily regulated and I can't buy them here. Guess I need to drive to some state where they sell them. I think I found the answer to the "herbal" kind...thanks.