Friday, September 22, 2006

In books and movies, the mystery is solved at the conclusion. Those stories that don't offer a solution (or leave it to the audience's imagination) are usually failures and rightly so. Below are some true mysteries that are unsolved. Suspects may abound but no solid conclusions. So far.
1888 -- Five prostitutes in London's East End are murdered. The killer, known as Jack the Ripper, is never caught. That we know of anyway.
1922 -- Hollywood director William Desmond Taylor is murdered.
1947 -- Elizabeth Short, a struggling actress nicknamed the Black Dahlia, is found nude and cut in half in a vacant Los Angeles lot.
1971 -- Over the Pacific Northwest, D.B. Cooper jumps from the plane he has hijacked with the ransom money. Never found.
1993 -- Three eight-year-old boys are tortured and murdered in West Memphis Arkansas. Teenagers Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols, and Jessie Misskelley are convicted of the "satanic" murders. The evidence against them is highly suspect to say the least despite what the authorities in Arkansas claim.
1996 -- Child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey is murdered in her home in Boulder Colorado.
2001 -- Chandra Levy, an intern with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, vanishes in Washington D.C. Her body is found several months later. Her murder is very similiar to the murder of Joyce Chiang, an attorney for Immigration and Naturalization, that occurred two years earlier.

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:-D this is an interest of mine (unsolved crime)

1930 Judge Crater disapperance. Recent letter possible solution checking DNA of skeletal remains found under Coney Island boardwalk in the 1950s.

1935 Thelma Todd (movie star) murder or accidental death?

1962 Marilyn Monroe, suicide, accidental death, or murder?

1966-1974? series of "Zodiac Murders"

1975 disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa