Thursday, September 07, 2006


1) Do you read a lot?
2) Do you own more than one dictionary?
3) More than one thesaurus?
4) Do you have a baby name book even though you are not about to have a child?
5) Are there books in every room of your home?
6) Is there a pile of magazines in your bathroom?
7) Within sight of your home desk or writing space are there copies of your favorite books?
8) Has it been a long, long time since you actually read any of those books?
9) Do you have files with scraps of paper, notes, and articles that you’re saving for a future project?
10) Is the file actually a Black Hole? Things go in but never come back out?
11) When you break a grammar rule, do you know you’ve broken the rule?
12) When reading a story or book, whether good or bad, do you find yourself stepping back and looking at how the writer put their words and sentences together?
13) Have you taken at least one creative writing class?
14) Are you able to accept criticism of your work without taking it personally?
15) If the criticism is valid, can you accept and use the suggestions even if an idiot has given them to you?
16) Do you know other writers?
17) Do you know at least one writer, usually a very very talented one, who has never completed one single project?
18) Do you have more than one rejection for the same story or book?
19) Do you have a drawer or box or trunk with stuff you’ve written that no one will ever see?
20) Last question. Supercedes all others. Do you write?

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