Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Monday night a friend (male -- this will be important later) was asked by a young girl where he rooms if she could practice her make-up skills on him. Being easy-going and figuring no one would ever know, he said okay. What both failed to note was the eye-liner was the type that takes a few days to wear off.
Cut to Tuesday. Friend goes to work. He is a full-time university student and works part-time in the kitchen at a major restaurant chain to help supplement his studies (you know, to buy extra stuff like food and gas).
Friend bakes bread for the day. He has to date it. Since it's June 6th, he draws a little pentagram, a smiley face and 6-6-6. He thinks it's funny.
He suspended from his job for 1) creating a hostile work environment and 2) for promoting devil worship because (get this) they can still see the satanic make-up he's wearing.
Sometimes ... well, just reread the title.

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