Tuesday, June 13, 2006

While I haven't seen a copy yet, it appears that the Netherlands anthology, Pure Fantasy, containing my short story, "Blood Alley," has been released. http://www.purefantasy.nl/Bundel/index.htm
This is cool. My stories have now been translated into Greek (twice), Spanish, and now Dutch. I've also sold stories (no publication dates yet) to magazines in Belguim, France, Finland, and one more in Greece. Totally ... uh, I think I said that already.


alex de jong said...

Hi Christopher!

The Pure Fantasy Jaarbundel (Dutch for anthology) hasn't been published yet. Of course I, being the publisher, would have let you know ;-)

The PF Jaarbundel is set to be published in August. The translation of Blood Alley (Bloedsteeg) has been approved and about all is set to go. This week (approx. no later than the beginning of July) we will try to send everything to print.

Of course we are advertising for the anthology on our webpage, but the information is all in Dutch...

Christopher55 said...

Thank you, Alex, for the update and correcting my mistake. I am looking forward to seeing the printed anthology. The cover art is terrific.


alex said...

The coverart was made by an American artist, Joe Calkins (www.cerberusart.com). The art was the first cover we used for PF, printed in December 2004. It was the cover of our issue #0. It is also our website background and has been our `logo` in a way. For sentimental reasons I decided to use this cover for our first anthology as well. So far everyone thinks it is great, except for some women who think it is a bit too much...

best regards,