Thursday, September 27, 2007

MSNBC is predicting that ten businesses and services will vanish in the next ten years. A couple I didn't know were still around now.
1) Record stores
more and more folks are buying on-line
2) Camera film manufacturing and development
digital has taken over
3) Crop dusters
crops still need to be sprayed for bugs and stuff -- don't know about this one
4) Gay bars
segregation is ending
5) Newspapers
cable television and on-line news
6) Pay phones
can't find any of these now
7) Used book stores
on-line is faster
8) Piggy banks
hard to put a debit card in a piggy
9) Telemarketing
10) Coin-operated arcades
sorry -- can't play pinball on a computer


dink said...

I hate that there are no pay phones anymore.

#3--It's dangerous work and you have to be a pilot and if you're a pilot there are more glam jobs also there are new pesticides that don't have to be dusted so ...

Christopher55 said...

Dink: you're probably right about crop-dusting. Everyone seems to agree that pay phones are pretty much gone now.