Friday, September 07, 2007

I watched more western movies again this week. The marathon came to a peak today when I went to the theatre and saw the new 3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. A good western but not great. The ending, although different from the original, doesn't work. The original has problems with its ending, too. Crowe and Bale given solid, believable performances but the two stand-outs for me were Ben Foster as Charlie Prince and Alan Tudyk as Doc Potter.
The other westerns I watched this week were John Ford's Rio Grande starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara; Sam Peckinpah's masterpiece The Wild Bunch with William Holden and Robert Ryan and Ride the High Country with Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea; and Seven Men from Now starring Scott and a young Lee Marvin.
Good movies. Ride the High Country has one of my favorite movies lines in it. When asked what he wants, ex-lawman Steve Judd (McCrea) replies, "All I want is to enter my house justified."


dink said...

yep. Ride the High Country is an excellent western. Love Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea --loved 'em as handsome leading men, loved them as well worn geezers. ;-)

Great line from the movie and one I always remember.

Christopher55 said...

Hi Dink:

Good actors. Spent many a rainy day Saturday with them when I was a kid.

The house should be getting closer to done, isn't it?