Thursday, July 26, 2007

(okay, are there any other kind of cat stories?)
Oscar (pictured above) is a two-year-old cat who lives at a convalescent hospital in Rhode Island. It seems, according to the news, that Oscar can predict who is going to die at the hospital. He roams the hospital corridors at night as if on rounds. And sometimes he enters a room and curls next to a patient. Approximately 4 hours after he leaves the patient passes away. The staff claims he has predicted 25 deaths and that they now call the family of patients that he lays down next to. This has been reported on MSNBC and other news outlets. Hmmm... I wonder what happens when he curls up next to a staff member?

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Howard von Darkmoor said...

25 DEATHS! That deserves either a Holy Cow! or a hidden camera with a test like you suggest on a staff member.

How about if it curls up next to a visitor?

Received The Inheritance today, thank you very much.