Monday, July 30, 2007


I was completely hooked on HBO’s Deadwood series. (Listen up, HBO, you’d better finish up the series with the movies you promised or, better yet, bring the show back. I'm thinking about cancelling my subscription to your service. Geez, no Deadwood, no Sopranos, no Rome...)
Anyway, I knew the Black Hills Gold Rush had really happened and Deadwood was the main town in the area. I knew that Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, George Hearst, Wyatt and Morgan Earp, Charlie Utter and Jack McCall were real people. I wondered about some of the other characters. Which characters were based on real people and which ones were fictional? So I “googled” Deadwood and below are a list of the series characters who were based on real folks. Oh, yeah, I’m sure liberties were taken in their portrayals.

Seth Bullock
Al Swearengen
Sol Star
Dan Dority (spelled Doherty in real life)
E.B. Farnum
Albert Merrick
Johnny Burns
Martha Bullock
Tom Nuttall
Reverend Henry Weston Smith
Aunt Lou Marchbanks
Jack Langrishe
“Nigger General” Samuel Fields
Con Stapleton
Trixie is "trickier". There were several prositutes in Deadwood that used that name. One even shot a man through the head who lived ... for a short while. (remember the opening show of the series -- that shooting was how Trixie was introduced.)

I miss this show. But I have all three seasons on DVD. {big grin}


dink said...

okay. I'm a little disconcerted. One of these fellas has my maiden name and he was born in the same state as my family ---arg! I don't think I have room for anymore skeletons in the family ...we is full up.

dink said...

skeletons in the CLOSET I mean we're fine with skeletons we're all gonna be skeletons eventually ...
shutting up and wandering off now.