Sunday, November 05, 2006


My day off. Slept in. (Yeah, woke up at 7 instead of the usual 4AM.) Bills paid. Grocery shopping done and food put away. Clothes in dryer. Put gas in the Tribute. (Wow, it was only $2.19 per gallon!) Dropped bills in the mail at the post office. Put new collar on Sabrina. (The cat is currently mad at me.) Still need to go and get my hair cut. May stop by Best Buy and look at the new HD wide screen TVs. (Got my quarterly bonus and instead of paying on the credit cards or putting it in the savings, I may splurge for a change. I hate being responsible all the time.)


Yesterday, I finished what started out as a blog entry. I was tracking down “firsts” in TV and movies. The first broadcast, the first network series, the first wardrobe malfunction, and stuff like that. Found some interesting stuff. The first time the phrase “son-of-a-bitch” was uttered on network television was on an episode of M*AS*H. Anyway, the blog entry became a nonfiction article called “A Short List of Firsts in Television” (approximately 2000 words) and is in the mail to a hopefully appreciative editor. We’ll see what happens.


Kicked it for a little while. Rented Mission Impossible 3 and An American Haunting. Don’t recommend either one. MI3 is a painless action flick but nothing special except that Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ving Rhames are cool. As for Mr. Cruise, as time goes by I like him less and less. He just doesn’t make movies that I like. AAH should have been a cool little ghost movie. Unfortunately it wasn’t. And the ending fell so flat that I was shaking my head. I know it’s hard to come up with an ending that feels inevitable but not predictable but, at least, try.


On November 5th:
In 1911, western star Roy Rogers is born.
In 1935, Parker Brothers released Monopoly.
In 1941, singer Art Garfunkel is born.
In 1951, I Love Lucy premiered on TV.
In 1965, actress Famke Janssen is born. (Picture above of X-Men star.)
In 1991, actor Fred MacMurray passes away.
In 2003, singer Bobby Hatfield passes away.

Okay, gotta get moving. Sat here too long.


dink said...

Best of luck with the article!

P.S. I LOVE Roy Rogers (alive or dead)--always have, always will.

Christopher55 said...

Fingers are crossed.

I like Roy, too.