Thursday, November 02, 2006

From the desk of Christopher Stires
(Parts of my Monthly Newsletter that went out Today)
Hope you are all doing well. I missed October. Don't know how that happened. I really like the Halloween month.

My short story, "The Killing Moon," has been translated into Finnish and published in the latest issue of Spin Magazine.

My short story, "Blood Alley," has been translated into Dutch for the Netherlands anthology Pure Fantasy.

My latest movie reviews -- Snakes on a Plane, The Descent, and Silent Hill -- are up at the newest issue of Dred ( If you're a horror fan, you owe it to yourself to see The Descent.

I did an interview that can be read at Voices in the Dark (

A reprint of my article "The Character Moment" also appeared in the Voices in the Dark newsletter (

An excerpt of my novel, To the Mountain of the Beast ( , and a reprint of "Spun Monkey" is on Bewildering Stories (

Manic Press has closed and the anthology Haunted Hellhouses of Horror, in which I had a story, has been cancelled.

The Alternate-History Thriller
Available in Trade Paperback from Zumaya Publications ( and
Order On-Line from BookSurge ( or Amazon (

“A chilling alternate history suspense novel …
Stires builds a memorable cast of characters that rivals the best of Turtledove.” – Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest
"... a novel heavy in alternate reality and rich in character...
you forget at parts that this is not a history book or based on real events." -- EpicSFF
"... a twisting, intriguing and downright solid story that shouldn't be passed over." -- The Romance Studio
"This is an intriguing novel ... fast paced .. a lot going on .... I like the twists both in the plot and in the world." -- The Eternal Night (UK)

Winner of the 2003 Dream Realm Award for Horror
Available in trade paperback from Zumaya Publications:
“… a very good first novel ... an excellent introduction to an author who shows promise for big things." -- Fangoria Magazine "In all, a very well written book reminiscent of my favourite, Dean Koontz." -- Eternal Night Magazine (UK) “Rarely do stories capture the reader's interest so absolutely, but this one does … sinister and chilling…” -- Timeless Tales
Available in Trade Paperback from Zumaya Publications (
Order On-Line from BookSurge
or Amazon (

To the Mountain of the Beast
Science-Fiction Horror/Western

"This is the first fiction I’ve read in a long time that I devoured in one sitting because I was anxious to see what would happen next." -- author Raymond Obstfeld. "...if you always wondered what Louis L'Amour might do with aliens -- give this one a read ... Stires is a consistently entertaining and consistently suspenseful writer." -- editor and author Daniel Blackston. "The Wild West and the wilder outer space collide for a fast-paced romp." – author Simon Wood. "Chris Stires has written a whip-smart novella that allows his talents as a writer to shine: dynamic characters, intelligent plotting, and a writing style that drives the reader from chapter to chapter." – publisher and author Jason Sizemore.

Available at Amazon, Carnifex Press and Shocklines
(web addresses listed below)

Clash of Steel: Book Three -- Demon
Sword-and-Sorcery Anthology -- my story "The Beast of Lyoness"
Available at Carnifex Press, Project: Pulp, and Shocklines
(web addresses listed below)

Coming soon:

Reprints of "The Last Gathering" will be appearing at Bewildering Stories. Also “The Hunters” in France’s Phenix Magazine, “Blood Hunt” in Greece’s Dramaturges of the Yann Magazine, and "Black Moon Night" in France's Borderline.

Also coming from Zumaya Publications (no release date yet) is my third novel, the ghost tale Dark Legend.

Cool Links TO CHECK OUT:

Apex Digest ( Science Fiction and Horror Magazine. Both Print and On-Line issues.

Carnifex Press ( A fresh face in epic fantasy, horror, and science fiction publishing.

Dred ( Bill Hughes' dark fiction quarterly.

Fangoria Magazine ( Premiere Horror Magazine.

Pitch-Black Books ( Heroic fiction publisher.

SFReader ( Speculative Fiction Book Reviews and More.

Shocklines ( Your One Stop for Horror.

Zumaya Publications ( The best in small press fiction.


"Why do bills travel at twice the speed through the mail than checks?"

Take care till next time. Write if you get the chance.

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