Thursday, March 23, 2006

My new novella has been listed at Project Pulp (
Advance comments:
"Reading Chris’s hybrid novella reminds me of the kind of exciting adventures that inspired me as a kid to want to read in the first place. His richly detailed characters combined with the breakneck pace makes me glad there are daring and skilled writers like Chris out there. This is the first fiction I’ve read in a long time that I devoured in one sitting because I was anxious to see what would happen next. Hurry up with another, Chris!" – Raymond Obstfeld, author of Earth Angel, The Novelist's Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes, and Fiction First Aid.

"To the Mountain of the Beast--The Wild West and the wilder outer space collide for a fast-paced romp." – Simon Wood author Working Stiffs

To the Mountain of the Beast is a quick-paced amalgam of western adventure and science-fiction. For pure action and suspense, this novella outpaces many full-length novels. You won't find needless descriptions of alien political systems or discourses on post civil war America. Instead you'll find cracking Winchesters, cattle rustlers, slaughtered livestock, steamy romance and -- above all -- a collision of technologies and cultures that is both violent and captivating. If you enjoyed classic suspense science fiction movies like Alien or Predator -- or if you always wondered what Louis L'Amour might do with aliens -- give this one a read. Christopher Stires is a consistently entertaining and consistently suspenseful writer.” – Daniel E. Blackston, Senior Editor Pitch-Black, LLC and Managing Editor

"Chris Stires has written a whip-smart novella that allows his talents as a writer to shine: dynamic characters, intelligent plotting, and a writing style that drives the reader from chapter to chapter." – Jason Sizemore, author and Publisher, Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest

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