Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just watched the sequel to Saw. Didn't much care for the original but since I write horror screenplays I figured I should.
Disappointing. Let's see: Not scary. No characters to root for (I like film noir so the characters needn't be likeable but at least intriguing and only Jigsaw seemed more than a paper-thin type). No cool plot twists. Unbelievable plot turns (hey, I believe E.T. can make children on bicycles fly so it takes a lot to make me say "No way".) Basically a body count movie with little respect for its audience.
Oh, well, it grossed something like $250 million. Maybe I need to rethink my writing. I'm not writing literature (no one would mistake my stories for that) but at least I try to make them intriguing and enjoyable. More blood, I need more blood. Maybe some guts, too.

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dink said...

c'mon're not gonna write movies you don't want to see yourself are ya?
Okay, maybe if you wrote some crap like this Saw II the bajillion dollars you'd make would buy some toys that might distract you for a while but long run-wise, I think you have to do work you feel good about.

AND (I'm on a roll--ha) I think intelligent scary is scarier and more long-lastingly scary (think Hitchcock here) than knee-jerk, button pushing brainless type scary (think badly written and acted blood and guts gross out movies).

I think I've exceeded my 2-cent limit.