Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I did a blog a while back with photos of Miz Curtis (I think it had to with strange Hollywood legends). I've had more hits on that particular blog than any other I've done. So here's Jamie Lee bathing in blood. While you're here, check out my links to my novels over on the right ... The Inheritance (winner of the 2003 Dream Realm Award for horror) ... Rebel Nation (alternative history-thriller) ... To the Mountain of the Beast (Alien meets Lonesome Dove sci-fi/horror set in the Old West) ... it would be easy to image Miz Curtis as Sierra Price in TI ... or as McKenna Alexander in RN ... or as Laci McCulloh in TTMOTB. Honest, I'm not kidding. After you've read one or more of my novels, you can write me here and tell me whether or not you agree. I'll listen and respond to your letter. Cool. Get to it. Order now. No lines to wait in. Go. Now. Talk to you soon. Here's a few more photos as a bonus.

(Hey, how'd Jennifer Connelly sneak in there? OK, now you have to buy two novels. Picture Ms. Curtis in one and Ms. Connelly in the other.)

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