Saturday, March 08, 2008

3 More Films from 2007
(and One TV Series from 2006)
Okay, between working and starting a new screenplay, I've fallen behind in my movie reviews. I've now seen three more 2007 releases.
Rendition has an intriguing storyline and some solid acting but I can't recommend it. Why? Although the movie has an "important" message to convey (and one that should be debated in the political arena), it is still a movie about torture. Shouldn't compare this film with the first Hostel but I did. Not interested in these kind of storylines for movies.
*30 Days of Night is my kind of movie usually. Creepy vampires (not the romantic kind of Bram Stroker or Anne Rice) take over an Alaskan town where the sun goes down and doesn't rise again for 30 days. Should have been fun. It wasn't. Three college students on my staff told me this movie scared them silly. As for me, it didn't. Wow, the Generation Gap is now behind me instead of in front of me. I'm now going to go cry into my pillow.

Death at a Funeral. British dark comedy. British -- yes. Dark -- yes. Comedy -- well, I didn't laugh or even chuckle. I smiled a couple times. Does that count?


Torchwood - Season One. British again. Science fiction TV series. I saw the first two episodes of its first season. It's a spin-off of the Doctor Who series (which I've never seen but now have in my Netflix queue). I was reminded in some ways of one of my all-time favorite series The X-Files. Did I like it? I ordered the entire DVD set and it should arrive within the week. Looking forward to it.

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YAY, about starting a screenplay--sending bushels of "go get 'em" vibes!