Friday, November 09, 2007

Members of the Writers Guild have gone on strike and TV shows are shutting down production. (BTW, I hope the writers get what they're asking for.) In the meantime, TV programmers are going to fill the empty time slots with reality shows, game shows, and news programs. I've decided to create the Stires TV Network and listed below is our prime-time programs:

8PM: I Love Lucy
8:30PM: The Dick Van Dyke Show
9PM: Cheers
9:30PM: Taxi
10PM: The Rockford Files


8PM: Leave It to Beaver
830PM: The Andy Griffith Show
9PM: All in the Family
9:30PM: M*A*S*H
10PM: Magnum P.I.


8PM: Little House on the Prairie
9PM: Grey’s Anatomy
10PM: House M.D.


8PM: The Mary Tyler Moore Show
830PM: Bewitched
9PM: Night Court
9:30PM: Barney Miller
10PM: L.A. Law


8PM: Star Trek: The Next Generation
9PM: The X-Files
10PM: Firefly


8PM: Have Gun, Will Travel
830PM: Gunsmoke
930PM: Alfred Hitchcock Presents
10PM: Law & Order


7PM: 60 Minutes
8PM: The Wonderful World of Disney
9PM: Colombo Movie
(I stayed with network programming that's why Sex & the City, The Sopranos, and Deadwood aren't listed.)

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