Saturday, November 03, 2007

KISSING ... Better
On MSN, there's an article on how to improve your kissing technique ( Here are their suggestions:
1) Lean to the right (if I'm a liberal can I lean to the left?)
2) Close your eyes (that way you can imagine you're with someone else because that's what your partner is probably doing ... hopefully you have a partner)
3) Get your hands in to the action (depending on where your hands go you'll either get slapped, a restraining order, or lucky {insert here Public Service message about Safe Sex practices})
4) Pause before you pucker (yes, always start your little timer before kissing)
5) Chuck your gum (when I was little I was taught that sharing was polite ... all these contradictions in life are confusing.)
6) No brushstrokes (okay, but how else to you get the food crumbs from dinner off your partner's face except with your tongue?)

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