Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Okay, first thing first, I stole this eye off Dink's blog. Yes, I did. I'm bad. And I know she'll get even. Not in a blatant way but she'll do something subtle and clever. I will pay for this.
But there's something mesmerizing about this eye. I had to do it.
If you're a writer -- don't care what genre: mainstream, horror, historical, science fiction, romance, etc.--look at the eye. I mean really look at it. Hey, man, it's looking back -- make it stop! Yeah, stories immediately start forming in your mind. All kinds of tales. All kinds of possibilities.
What does it mean?
It means: go write one (then sell the puppy!).

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dink said...


I really can't get too upset since I stole the eye before you did. We're a virtual den of thieves.

I'm working on a chapter I lifted from my W.I.P. I'm thinking of subbing it to a short story contest. (Must have been the eye that inspired me--or "hyp-mo-tized" me as David Letterman used to say).

It's an octopus, BTW.