Saturday, June 21, 2008

Studio publicity in 1941 claimed that Ronald Reagan and Ann Sheridan were scheduled to appear in this film, and Dennis Morgan is mentioned as the third lead. This was never the case, however, and the false story was planted, either by a studio publicist or a press agent for the three other actors, to keep their names in the press. Meanwhile George Raft was angling for the part with Jack L. Warner, but Hal B. Wallis had been assigned to search for what would be Humphrey Bogart's next starring role. He wrote to Warner that he had found the next movie for Bogart and the role was perfect for him. Nobody else was ever considered for the part.


von Darkmoor said...

Thank God! I really can't see anyone else in the role. Awesome movie, and I liked it when I was 14, before I even knew how many other people liked it.

Hi Chris! Been awhile. Stopped by to tell you I FINALLY read The Inheritance. Loved it, man. Great little book. I will be catching up on my reviewing soon, have a stack of 17 or so to type up here. My blog is moving, too, if I can ever figure out how to fix the way I want it. Currently at

Later -

von Darkmoor said...

Oh, and congrats on the camera working ;)