Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Brave One – Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard star in Neil Jordan’s film. The movie is the second vigilante-revenge story I’ve seen lately (the other was the dismal Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon). The actors are solid but this is just a well-dressed violent B-movie. Although it tries the movie lacks the ingredient that made you root for Bronson in Death Wish and Joe Don Baker in Walking Tall from a couple decades ago. But I figure it sold with the pitch “a woman turns Bronson on the streets of New York.” I vaguely remember an old drive-in movie (remember drive-ins) called Ms. 45 that had the same plot – that’s all I remember of that movie so it’s probably not very good. Anyway, The Bravo One could’ve been something but isn’t. Not recommended.
The Jane Austen Book Club – a romantic comedy-drama revolving around a group of women (and one guy) who are reading the six Austen novels and their lives are reflecting the stories in the novels. This is a popcorn movie – tasty and light but nothing memorable. I take that back, Maria Bello (The Cooler, History of Violence) stands out among this very talented group of actors. Anyway, nothing special here either but it’s a light easy-going movie.


Anonymous said...

I'm only watching Cagney movies. If Cagney isn't in it, I'm not watching it.

I disliked the book The Jane Austen Bookclub so I don't think the movie will tempt me and of course it's completely without any Cagney.

Hope you're well and moving right along on the New Year's goals.

Christopher55 said...

My favorite Cagney movie is "Angels with Dirty Faces."

On my hallway walls are several framed movie posters: Casablanca, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tombstone, others. They surround a large picture of Jimmy. :)