Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year: 2008
The new year has finally arrived. Please, please, be a better year than 2007.

I have made some resolutions and I will share:
1) Quit smoking (the patches have been purchased)
2) Lose 15-20 pounds (mostly around my chocolate-chip-cookie gut)
3) Go out on a first date sometime before the year ends (haven't been on a date since Annie and I separated then divorced)
4) Sell (or at least have optioned) a screenplay
5) Play Texas Hold 'em in a casino (but don't get hooked on gambling because those big casinos didn't become big casinos by letting people like me win)

1 comment:

d. said...

I echo your please, please, please...

Awww, your resolutions are great ones.

I wish you strength and luck for #1 so DIFFICULT and so worth it!

more luck wishing for #2 (I hear ya!)

Number 3 is a must. You're depriving some lucky chickie of a Chris! :-D

Number 4 --wouldn't that be totally cool? Well, you know you can do it (cuz you did).

Number 5 just totally cracked me up. Have fun!

Happy New Year to you, Chris.