Sunday, October 14, 2007

Borat (short version of title) premiered on HBO last night. I decided to check it having missed it in the theatres and on DVD. IMBd rates it at 7.7 out of ten. It grossed somewhere north of 130,000,000 dollars during its theatre run. I knew the humor would be lame and politically incorrect. Not a problem. I kicked back and watched.
I watched for 30 minutes. After Borat made the remarks about the Iraq war to the rodeo crowd, I wondered why I was watching this crap. I get political satire but nothing in the previous half-hour was funny to me. I mean nothing. I guess that somewhere along the line I must've stepped off the humor train. I didn't like 40-Year-Old Virgin or Knocked-Up either. Can't stand Adam Sandler or Jim Carreymovies . I did enjoy Wild Hogs, which was dorky, however.
Comedies I like: Galaxy Quest, As Good As It Gets, American President, Notting Hill, Some Like It Hot, and just about anything with Abbott & Costello.

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dink said...

I think Borat is sometimes amazingly funny and many times amazingly dull...more evenly funny would help a lot. I thought some of his skewering was insightful some just mean. Mean cancels funny for me.