Saturday, August 18, 2007

and other joys of home ownership
A few months ago, I inherited a house. It's 30 years-old and in pretty good condition. (There's still a mortgage on it so I didn't get it free.) I've never owned my own home before. Always been a renter. Now I'm not. There's something cool about owning the place you live in. You can fix it up the way you want it and lenders suddenly "love" you. On the other hand, when something breaks or just wears out I want to call the landlord and have him/her repair it. I guess I could call my land line on my cell and leave a message for myself. Anyway, today I had a brand-new garage door installed. Looks like the one pictured except mine is dark brown in color. Felt good when I saw it done and the installer drove off with the old dilapidated one. Another home repair off the list. Yes, new garage door installed, front sprinklers replaced, wallpaper removed from master bedroom, master bedroom painted, guest room and guest bath done. Next is to finishing cleaning out the garage so I can park my car in the garage with the new door. Almost there. Then the carpets should be replaced and the front awning and its brick patio (is it still called a patio if it's in the front of the house?), and get grass to grow in that one pesky section of the backyard -- needs a backyard barbecue, too, and a hot tub for midnight skinny-dipping (need to find someone to skinny-dip with, too) and ... and ... and ...

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